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Local 19 - "Providing the Best Professional Standard of Care 
in the Mechanical Insulation Industry"

Local 19 is proud to be a member of the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers with over 100 years of experience. 

Local 19 specializes in carefully and properly installed industrial and mechanical insulation in new and existing commercial, industrial, medical, governmental, educational, corporate, and other specialized facilities. Our territory includes southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. See map here: Map

To learn more about how you will not only profit but create a safer and more secure workplace through skillfully installed industrial and mechanical insulation, see the Why Insulate, and Insulation Services (hyperlink) sections of this website. 

Our paid four year Apprenticeship Program is second to none. Our highly trained and specialized employees are educated, dependable, and professional. 

Along with industrial and mechanical insulation, Local 19 also provides comprehensive training on Firestop insulation standards and processes. Without proper installation of fire containment components, any building is susceptible to loss of lives and severe property damage.

Becoming a Local 19 Member Contractor can become an unbelievably valuable asset to your business. Our highly skilled employees deliver the industry’s most superior and thorough service. Providing this opportunity will ensure your business a distinct advantage over the competition. The bottom line - proven profit and performance - will make an impression on any client. Direct clients to our Resources page for a helpful energy calculator and information on businesses who have successfully used the Local 19 expertise.