Apprentice Application

All persons who enroll in Local 19's four year apprenticeship program have the opportunity to receive some of the most extensive training and skill development available in the industry today.

Local 19's training site is conducted in a spacious facility which features "mock ups and materials for 'hands-on' training in all facets of the mechanical insulation industry, ie: steam, HVAC, plumbing, refrigeration, process piping and equipment, chillers, tanks, etc.

Local 19 also provides training in safety, industry codes and standards, fall protection, asbestos awareness, first aid/cpr, and OSHA 10 certification. We constantly upgrade our teaching techniques and requirements in order to maintain the most highly skilled, safe and professional workforce possible, in the mechanical insulation industry.

Local 19's apprenticeship program is a four year program.

Wages on the check start at 50% of journeyman's scale, which currently is $16.84 per hour.

Second year apprentices make 65% of journeyman's rate, which is currently $21.89 per hour.

Third year apprentices make 70% of journeyman's rate, which is currently $23.58 per hour.

Fourth year apprentices make 85% of journeyman's rate, which is currently $28.63 per hour.

Journeyman's rate is currently $33.68 per hour.

Plus: family health care, pension, annuity, and paid instruction.

How the process works:

Applications may be mailed to you by calling our office and are available on-line.
After the application is received, the applicant will be given a letter to take the required accuplacer test at MATC. Upon receiving a passing score, the applicant is mailed a Letter of Introduction and the listing of Local #19's Signatory Contractors with their telephone numbers.  Preapprentices  are then allowed to contact the Signatory Contractors on the list for employment. 

When a contractor requests an apprentice, and all apprentices already in the program are working, we will accept applicants into the program.  There is no way to predict when that will occur since the demand for help depends on market forces that cannot be foreseen.

Local 19 is an Equal Opportunity Employer and an Affirmative Action Plan is in place and filed with the Wisconsin Department of Labor.

Any questions can be answered during regular business hours by contacting Local 19's Apprenticeship Coordinator Craig Stevens at (262) 548-9606 or email at

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