Bio-Technology includes subcategories such as Medical Bio-Technology, Agricultural Bio-Technology, and Biological Engineering. They specialize in advancing the efficiency of many industries and improving the awareness of environmental effects. Enhancing the process of food crop production, producing and using fuels, and improving medical facilities are just some of the objectives of biotechnology.

Commercial structures include offices, retail malls, and stores, grocery stores, banks, casinos, hotels, restaurants and storage facilities/warehouses. These buildings usually house many employees and specialize in the sale of goods, services, and transactions. Normally they have numerous customers that travel in and out of the facility daily to purchase items or services as well as an abundant number of employees who spend much of their time in the building.

Educational facilities include schools, colleges and universities, and areas within these that may contain separate heating and cooling systems. These areas include libraries, gymnasiums, theaters, student unions, and many other buildings that serve educational needs.

Industrial structures are industries whose main focus is to manufacture a certain product or refine/improve a natural resource. Buildings may include plants and factories, power stations, nuclear facilities, natural gas plants, oil refineries, water treatment facilities, chemical plants, mills, and foundries. These are usually large or very large facilities that operate numerous mechanical systems simultaneously. Their systems are imperative to produce and consume a considerable amount of energy to maintain efficiency. With consistent increases in energy costs, energy expense becomes larger every year.

Medical and health care, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries, consumes enormous amounts of energy to operate their facilities. Medical industries include such essential organizations as hospitals and healthcare services, x-ray, laboratory, and testing operations, rehabilitation and fitness centers, medical office buildings, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and bio-medical organizations, just to name a few. These facilities usually house crucial and specific medical equipment along with numerous patients and employees.

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