Bio-Technology includes subcategories such as Medical Bio-Technology, Agricultural Bio-Technology, and Biological Engineering. They specialize in advancing the efficiency of many industries and improving the awareness of environmental effects. Enhancing the process of food crop production, producing and using fuels, and improving medical facilities are just some of the objectives of biotechnology.

Industrial and Mechanical Insulation industry professionals can play a vital role in creating a greener version of mechanical systems. Local 19 specializes in the improvement of mechanical systems for optimal production (which leads to better energy regulation), employee safety, and material usage management.

Being the leaders of industry improvement and energy efficiency, bio-technological service demands disciplined procedures and optimum value for both initial and long-term investment. Local 19 Industrial and Mechanical Insulation has the knowledge, training, professionalism, and experience to assist bio-technicians in streamlining their systems.

These include the environmental aspects of their mechanical insulation, the safety of their employees, the profits that can be gained by properly installed insulation and using those profits to advance their long-term goal of improved energy management.
Professionally installed mechanical and industrial insulation can lead to excellent energy savings. Most industries realize the return on investment from energy savings alone in less than one year. Saving energy also coincides with the ultimate goal of most bio-technological facilities, reducing the use of natural resources and leading to a more environmentally friendly system.

Local 19 consists of highly trained and educated employees dedicated to the proper inspection and insulation of mechanical and industrial systems. After an audit is completed, our staff will determine exactly how much energy a facility is losing, how mechanical and industrial insulation can increase output, and how much profit can be gained by the proper installation of specialized insulation.

Properly installed quality mechanical and industrial insulation is especially important when it comes to the safety of employees. Along with the dangers of condensation (slips and falls), employees who work with the mechanical systems can be subject to burns, toxic mold, and excessive noise. This not only puts the employees in an unsafe position, but it may also cause decreased or deficient employee performance.

Along with industrial and mechanical insulation, Local 19 also provides Firestop installation. Incredibly important to any industry, it is fundamental in biotechnology. Lack of or improperly installed fire containment components could lead to property damage and severe danger to their valuable workforce.

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