Commercial structures include offices, retail malls, and stores, grocery stores, banks, casinos, hotels, restaurants and storage facilities/warehouses. These buildings usually house many employees and specialize in the sale of goods, services, and transactions. Normally they have numerous customers that travel in and out of the facility daily to purchase items or services as well as an abundant number of employees who spend much of their time in the building.

Energy is vital to maintain commercial operations and ensure the comfort of both the staff and the customers. Not only is it important for salespeople and office workers to maintain comfort levels and avoid safety hazards, but the business’ livelihood is at stake if the consumer is uncomfortable. These are the main reasons why professional mechanical and industrial insulation is extremely important for commercial facilities. Their profit depends on employee and customer contentment.

Much of their earnings are also affected by how much of their budget is consumed by high energy costs and decreased profits due to unsuitable mechanical and industrial insulation. In fact, most commercial buildings will receive a return on investment within one year, simply by hiring highly trained experts in mechanical and industrial insulation. The costs saved can be dedicated to the improvement of the facilities.

Local 19 consists of highly trained, educated, and professional employees dedicated to the proper inspection and insulation of mechanical and industrial systems. After an audit is completed, our staff will deliver a detailed report on the commercial facility’s hazards and energy loss due to insulation issues. Local 19’s precise and accurately installed mechanical and industrial insulation can increase output, profit, and the safety and comfort employees and customers.

Local 19 also provides comprehensive Firestop installation. Without the proper installation of fire containment, any building is susceptible to loss of lives and severe property damage. This is by far the most serious consequence of not using Firestop installation.

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