Educational facilities include schools, colleges and universities, and areas within these that may contain separate heating and cooling systems. These areas include libraries, gymnasiums, theaters, student unions, and many other buildings that serve educational needs.

Local 19 Industrial and Mechanical Insulation professionals are trained in the special requirements of educational facilities. Comfort levels are critical to an ideal learning environment, so heating and cooling systems in these structures is very important.

Obviously, the most fundamentally important issue in serving educational facilities is ensuring the health and safety of the children or students, the teachers, and the many other staff members who dedicate themselves to education. Neglecting safety in the school systems is inexcusable. Unfortunately, many educational boards are unaware of the dangers of improper industrial and mechanical insulation. Safety can be compromised by poor insulation leading to condensation. This may produce harmful and even toxic mold.

Fires in educational facilities are far too common. According to the National Fire Protection Association, between 2007 and 2011 most fires in educational properties occurred in the nursery, elementary, middle, or high schools. Shockingly, these fires occurred in 71% of the total amount of properties. To protect students, teachers, staff, and property, a building must have properly installed Firestop protection along with insulation. Local 19’s employees provide comprehensive Firestop installation to ensure the occupants of the building and the building itself are protected. Facilities without Firestop or inadequately installed fire containment systems can suffer devastating consequences. The swift and deadly spread of a fire and toxic smoke throughout a building can cause property damage, injury, and fatalities. This is especially important in schools and educational buildings where the safe and quick evacuation of people is paramount.

Educational facilities are paying far too much in energy costs, but few leaders know how to solve the problem. Employees of Local 19 receive comprehensive training that is the best in the industry. The professionals at Local 19 have the skill, knowledge, and experience to professionally and accurately install specialized industrial and mechanical insulation to each building. The return on investment from professionally installed industrial and mechanical insulation can often be seen in less than one year. Saving energy costs and extending the useful life of heating and cooling equipment are excellent ways to increase budget allowances. Every educational institution would love to offer their students more resources and update their facilities. With the return achieved year after year through energy savings, schools and educational systems can continue to improve and develop tools to improve the quality of learning.

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