Industrial structures are industries whose main focus is to manufacture a certain product or refine/improve a natural resource. Buildings may include plants and factories, power stations, nuclear facilities, natural gas plants, oil refineries, water treatment facilities, chemical plants, mills, and foundries. These are usually large or very large facilities that operate numerous mechanical systems simultaneously. Their systems are imperative to produce and consume a considerable amount of energy to maintain efficiency. With consistent increases in energy costs, energy expense becomes larger every year.

Mechanical and industrial insulation can profit industrial businesses by allowing them to improve their mechanical systems for optimal production. It is amazing how many large industries are operating with poorly insulated equipment. Certainly, the logic behind this stems from the cost to improve such a vast amount of systems. What is frequently unknown is the fact that properly installed mechanical and industrial insulation can lead to energy savings, the safety of employees, and a sizable increase in output. Despite the price of mechanical and industrial insulation, most industries realize the return on investment from energy savings alone in less than one year.

Local 19 consists of highly trained and educated employees dedicated to the proper inspection and insulation of mechanical and industrial systems. After an audit is completed, our staff will determine exactly how much energy an industry is losing, how mechanical and industrial insulation can increase output, and how much profit can be gained by the proper installation of specialized insulation.

The comfort and safety of its employees is something no industry should take lightly. Without quality mechanical and industrial insulation, employees who work frequently in the mechanical areas are susceptible to slips from condensation, burns, dangerous mold, and excessive noise. Employers who reduce accidents and injury also reduce downtime, time off, and decreased production.

Local 19 also provides comprehensive Firestop installment. Without the proper installation of fire containment components, any building is susceptible to loss of lives and severe property damage. With large facilities, the losses increase substantially and can effectively shut down an organization.

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