Medical and health care, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries, consumes enormous amounts of energy to operate their facilities. Medical industries include such essential organizations as hospitals and healthcare services, x-ray, laboratory, and testing operations, rehabilitation and fitness centers, medical office buildings, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and bio-medical organizations, just to name a few. These facilities usually house crucial and specific medical equipment along with numerous patients and employees.

No one can argue about the importance of the medical industry. From preventative care to rehabilitation to saving lives, this industry is irreplaceable. Highly trained teams of professionals, administrative staff, and many more employees keep these operations functioning at an optimum level every day. Extreme importance is placed on the proper operation of high-tech equipment and machinery in order to give patients the expert care they need.

Also crucial to medical facilities is maintaining the health and comfort of patients and staff alike. Many of the structures are enormous and include countless employees and numerous patients. Highly technical and precise insulation is needed to ensure medical-specific requirements and patient and staff safety.

Local 19 Industrial and Mechanical Insulation professionals are trained in these specifications and can ensure that their workmanship will meet or exceed the essential insulation needs of medical buildings. Skilled and trained workers audit current systems and provide energy solutions that not only protect the health and safety of patients and staff but improve efficiency and energy output for each building.

The professionals at Local 19 can help save medical industries huge amounts of energy expenditure and money. There have been numerous changes that have impacted in all healthcare fields and more changes to come. Most medical facilities realize the return on investment from energy savings alone in less than one year. The costs of energy expenditure are reduced every year following the installation. Considering the costs associated with the number of changes to the industry, the profits gained are undeniably necessary to compensate for the price of making these changes.

With industrial and mechanical insulation, Local 19 also provides comprehensive Firestop installation. Fires in these extremely necessary and precisely operated buildings can mean disaster. Crucial and expensive medical equipment is destroyed. Fires, smoke, and fire damage can lead to the injury or death of hundreds of patients and staff. In this particular industry, Firestop is not only desirable but crucial.

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