Health & Safety

The health and safety of employees is possibly the most important reason to install quality industrial and mechanical insulation. Incorrectly installed or insufficient industrial and mechanical insulation can expose employees to burns, falls due to condensation, dangerous mold, and distracting noise.

Perhaps the most important and crucial way to protect your employees and building is having properly installed Firestop protection along with insulation. Local 19’s employees have extensive training on Firestop systems. The proper understanding of how to protect equipment and prevent fires from spreading throughout a building is essential. Adherence to precise components and installment procedures ensures both the employees and the building itself are protected if a fire does occur.

Fires in rooms that house industrial and mechanical insulation are much more common than most people realize. The swift and deadly spread of a fire and toxic smoke throughout a building can cause injury and fatalities. Fire can cause severe property damage as well. This makes the decision to install correct Firestop systems not only significant, but essential to prevent extensive property damage and loss of lives. 

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